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Your kosher mezuzot and tefillin ensure safety and security of your family wherever they are. It is vitally important to ensure that they are kosher – no missing, cracked, fading, or superfluous letters.

  • Buy mezuzot written by me
  • Order other new mezuzot & tefillin
  • Check your mezuzot or tefillin
  • Have work done on a Sefer Torah
  • Order custom products
  • Order full service home or business
  • Accepting students

$10 per mezuza checked when brought to me.
$90 tefillin checked
$180 Alter Rebbe 20cm mezuza that I write
$100 Housecall (up to 20 Mezuzot @$10/ea. A house with 20 will cost $300)
Other prices on other mezuzot depending on your budget.

A mezuza that I wrote
A mezuza written by me